Welcome All

The Team at Sherbrooke, on behalf of
the Central Notts District, welcome
you to The Scout Campsite.

We hope that you enjoy your visit with us and
be sure to come back again soon

and don't forget to always, DO YOUR BEST!
When entering the Campsite

Please remember to drive slowly when you come down the drive and have your head lights on and your HAZZARD! lights flashing. Children (Including your own!) may be playing in the trees and could run out in front of you at any moment.

About Us
How the Campsite came to be

The Campsite is named after Rear Admiral Robert St. Vincent
Sherbrooke of Oxton, who was Lord Lieutenant of
Nottinghamshire 1968-1972.

For outstanding Gallantry on active service at sea in command
of destroyers at the Battle of Narvic 1940, he received the
Distinguished Service Order. In defence of convoys to Russia in
the Battle of the Barents Sea 31st Dec. 1942, He was blinded in
one eye and was awarded the Victoria Cross.

The District Camp Site was first developed after discussion initiated by Ron Langford, District Commissioner 1967-1975 with Rear Admiral Sherbrooke and it was in 1966 that the Admiral, as
he was affectionately known, gave the district the sole use of the site for as long as it was

"We are thankful for his example and generous service to the Scout Movement"

Sherbrooke Scout Campsite Today
Sherbrooke Scout Camp Site as the name may suggest is in fact not just a campsite for scouts. We accept bookings from other organisations, such as caravan clubs who have their rally's here, or our Camp Centre can booked for meetings.

The large open spaces also make it an ideal venue for one day events.

The Camp Centre

The Sherbrooke Scout Campsite Centre is situated to the far side of the Centre Field. It
consists of one large main hall, a smaller secondary room, 9 bedrooms, sleeping 60 people
on bunks, a large fully equipped kitchen and a toilet with disabled access.
The Camp centre's main hall is 12m x 6.9m.
It is fully central heated and has a serving hatch from the kitchen as shown here in the photo. This space is not only used for a dining area, but it is also great for indoor activities, training, meetings and conferences.
The smaller secondary room is 6.9m x 4.6m.
It is fully central heated and this separate space can be used for activities or a group leader's room. As you can see, it's also perfect for meetings and mini conference talks.
The large dorm is fully heated and sleeps 9 persons max.

Bedding is not provided so it is important for
you to remember to bring your own linen and
or sleeping bags.
The kitchen, extended in 2012 is fitted with lush stainless steel work surfaces and cupboards.

No need to bring your own utensils as the
kitchen is equipped with every pot and pan you
will need during your stay with us.

The Barn

The Barn is connected to the left hand side of the Camp Centre. It has two easy access roller
doors on the side as well as access from the inside of the centre. It is booked separately
from the centre or with the centre as a whole package according to your needs.
This large hall space is 13m x 6.4m.
Perfect for indoor activities, receptions,
bad weather days and much much more.

John Pritchard Lodge

John Pritchard Lodge is situated facing the Camp Centre on the opposite side of the main
field. It consists of an entrance hall, open plan kitchen and lounge area, two sleeping areas
with bunk beds.
Inside the kitchen you will find that we have
again provided you with all that you will need
during your stay in the Lodge.

Hot and cold running water, a fridge freezer, a
cooker, as well as plates, cutlery and all the
pots and pans with which to cook your meals.
The lounge area is big and spacious, with comfy sofas, arm chairs, a TV and DVD player.

Located on the far end of the louneg area is a dorm room, sleeping 6 persons.

There are 3 bunk beds, heaters and electrical points.

Adjacent to the lodge is another heated cabin consisting of 3 bedrooms, which 2 sleeps 4 persons and 1 sleeps 2 persons.


The District site comprises of approximately 22 acres of undulating open grassland on the
outskirts of the village of Calverton in Nottinghamshire.
The campsite is divided into 5 different camping areas.

1. - Main Field.
2. - The Plateau.
3. - The Centre Field.
4. - The Bottom Field.
5. - The Copse.
1. Main Field.

Approximately 10 acres of terrain, ideal for large district scouting events, group camps, large scale camping activities and so much more.
2. The Plateau.

Situated on the right hand side as you enter the campsite, the plateau has easy access to all the facilities and at the same time keeps itself hidden away behind a shield of pine trees.
3. The Centre Field.

Situated directly in front of the camp centre, this field has direct access to all the facilities.
1. The Bottom Field.

Situated to the left when facing the camp centre this field has direct access to all the facilities, the campfire circle and the entrance to the wood.
1. The Copse.

Situated in between the bottom field, the main field and the wood, the copse is a small sheltered wooded area of the site ideal for small troops or patrol camps.

The Campfire Circle

The Camp Fire Circle is tucked away in the left hand corner of the Bottom field. On Saturday
evening all groups in camp are invited to come along and join in with Nev the warden, for a
traditional scout camp fire and sing song.
As you walk in through the entrance you will notice a bridge to the and right and left hand sides to guide you over the old stream and to the amphitheater style stepped seating arrangement made of old logs. Once everyone has found their place, the fire will be lit and Nev will then begin to warm you all up, getting you into the spirit of Sherbrooke.
And as the fire dies down, the campfire leaders will gently sing off as you head back to your camping sites and settle down for the evening.

Campfires usually start around 8pm and will last for approximately one hour.

The Chapel

The Chapel is located in the right hand corner of the Centre Field and is in fact an outdoor
Scouts of all religions are welcome. Groups may use this area to hold their scouts own service. You may also use it to sit in peace and be with your spiritual thoughts.

Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop is part of and found on right hand side of the Camp Centre, selling sweets,
drinks and souvenirs to remind you of your time here at Sherbrooke.
The Tuck Shop is named after Jim Drury who donated the money needed for building of the providore.

Opening Times vary and are usually set to best suit all of the groups who are in camp at that time.
The children are filled with excitement as they rush over to be the first in line when the hatch doors open and as you can see, we can get quite busy.

Don't worry, we have plenty for everyone.
No matter how long the line, everyone will get served and we will stay open right down to
the last person, ensuring that everyone leaves a happy customer.

Spending limits can also be set, to ensure that the children do not spend all their money at once. Not too many sweets now! Remember to leave room for your dinner!

Wc / Showers

There are 2 toilet / Shower blocks. One located to the rear of the camp center and one half
way down the drive.
The Male washrooms can be found on the left hand side and the Females on the right. Inside you will find hand basins and showers with hot and cold running water, toilet facilities.


Fancy yourself as a Robin Hood? Come try our archery range and test your skills but, don't
be too hasty as first you will need some training from one of our certified instructors. Safety
comes first and foremost here at Sherbrooke Scout Campsite.
Once you have received your training, you will be allowed to enter the range, pick up your bow and begin to fire your arrows when instructed to do so.

Again, safety is most important as these are real bows, with real arrows and the only thing we would like the arrows to hit are the targets.
You'll soon be having fun, wanting to make your next turn better than your last, improving your aim with every shot..... or not! But you'll want to get a higher score than your friends.


The Tunnelling course is located just next to the archery range. It is a series of narrow nooks,
crannies and holes covered with a tarpaulin to create a potholing type experience.
Excited and also a little nervous, put on your hard hat and head lamp ready to venture through the hole in the wall to begin your journey in the dark labyrinth.
Be careful! You may end up going round in circles. Team work could be essential for your survival. Or at least getting you back to camp in time for lunch!

This is rough terrain and you'll be spending most of your time crawling around on your hands and knees, so scruffs are essential wear for this type of activity.
Finally, after crawling up and down, around and around for a while you will eventually find your way to the other side of the course and come out the other side.


Ready to burn rubber? Peddal power your way off the starting line of our Go-Cart Track.

On your marks, get set....... GO!

Green energy all the way here with our Go-Carts. Fun for all ages.

The competition is tough for pole position as you work your way around the track. You'll snake your way around the twists and turns before, heading down the home straight.

Will you be the first to cross the finish line and take the chequered flag?


Our Pioneering facility is ideal for training your scouts knots and lashings. We have various
length poles and ropes.
As a pioneer, you'll be limited only by your imagination. Fancy yourself as a swashbuckling pirate of the high seas, pillaging and plundering your way around the caribbean?
Or maybe a giant swing for a lazy day in the sunshine?


Our orienteering exercise is a great fun way to teach your scouts how to use a compass.

We'll give you a set of different compass bearings, you have to follow them and bring back the hidden set of letters that you will find each time you walk in the direction of your bearing. when you find a letter, set your compass to the next bearing and follow that.

It's not as easy as it looks ..... can you bring back the secret code?

Giant Games

We also have a selection of giant games to keep you amused.

Giant Jenga.
Become a giant with our stilts!
Or why not test your strategy and forward thinking with our giant chess board.

Local Walks

Outside the campsite there are plenty of footpaths and walks through the countryside.

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Contact:    Alan Barratt. On Site Warden

Tel:         +44 (0) 1159 655034. For enquiries only 6 - 9pm, bookings must be made via email

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